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Bringing Boba to Canyon!

What is boba?

Boba tea, or bubble tea, is a Thai drink that originated in the 80s and has gained large popularity in the U.S. throughout the 90s. Traditionally, it is a loose leaf tea based drink with delicious brown sugar tapioca pearls, with a splash of milk. Bubble Bar offers boba tea with a bit of an American twist. We also offer bursting boba and lychee jelly! 

At Bubble Bar, we pride ourselves on our fresh brown sugar boba made everyday and our loose leaf teas. We do not use instant boba or flavored powders. 

Smoothie Bowls: both healthy and delicious!

If you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth but want to stay on the healthier side, you have to come in and get one of our delicious smoothie bowls! Our smoothie bowls have a base of blended fruit, greek yogurt, and either almond milk or coconut milk, and are topped with fresh fruits and delicious granola along with other toppings! 

Purple Haze smoothie bowl.heic

Mission Statement

Bubble Bar was founded to bring new cuisine experiences, and a safe environment to study and spend time with family and friends to Canyon, Texas. We introduce boba tea and smoothie bowls, and offer smoothies along with other delightful treats. 

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